The world is ever-changing. Just today, the biggest sub prime lender closed their doors. People were laid off and have to find another source of income. This will lead to the discussion of this article, Business in network marketing coupled with Travel and Global Resorts Network (GRN)

You never know when you are going to lose your job, or have to find another way to make more income. Making money is not about sales, brains, or having money to make money. It is about Networking with people and building a web. As Zig Ziglar said, youcan have everything in life you want, if you help enough other peopleget what they want. Think about it for a second, what if you helped ten people reach their goals? Do you think they would remember you? Of course they would! They are not going to remember the company or the product, they are going to remember the person who made some of their dreams come true. They will return the favor one day with out a doubt. Global Resorts Network (GRN) is a proven fact of this. When you help other people, you can count on you web growing.  And when you teach the people how to help and mentor other people that are in need, guess what, you will gain from that. Not only mentally and emotionally, but financially as well. It is a numbers game to a certain point, but only to a point. People do not buy the company or the product in Network marketing, they buy people. They buy into what you as a person can offer them in support and tem work.  Traveling is one of the most sought after forms of relaxation more than anything. People love to travel to very high end resorts as well. It is as if they spend the money on vacation to feel like royalty for a week. Some people golf, others build cars, some buy extravagant toys, and then there are those of us that travel. Global Resorts Network (GRN) knows that people love to travel and they know how expensive it is. I feel bad for the people who got involved in a twenty, thirty, fifty thousand or more timeshare. If they would only have known the secret that Brent at and so many others do. When we talk with timeshare owners, they are sick and tired of all the fees and payments that come with the timeshare, and also the fact that they only get one week out of the whole deal. And you have got to just hate the high pressure selling of these free dinners or free sunset cruises you get. These are some of the best salesman in the world, and unfortunately, you are falling into their trap if you want to go get a free dinner, Free is a funny word here, I would argue that after they sell you on a timeshare, you just paid $20,000 for the meal you just ate. But that is my opinion, and is in agrees as well. Global Resorts Network (GRN) is not in the business of asking people for double digit sums of money. They want to actually help people build a dream. People helping People, that is what it really boils down to, really go do your research for your self. And I dare you to ask questions and lots of them to. Try to find the scam, try to find the catch……you will not.


Marketing today is more possible than ever with the technology we have at our fingertips today. Global Resorts Network is very highly into network marketing and travel and the following article will touch base on marketing and Network Marketing and business in general.

In today’s world, we have the internet, and that is a very powerful tool. Now more than ever, Network marketing is a very real possibility. People all over the world are working from home and making a great living.  What does it take to become successful from a home based business? This is a very common question. A lot will say, will power, dedication, good time management, being able to sell, along with other things. Global Resorts Network simply believes that it takes a wanted change. What do they mean by wanted change?? They mean, wanting a difference in your life. Wanting to make a change for the better, and simply having the drive to make up your mind and make a change.

People all over the world are sucked into some of the most ludicrous MLM schemes by some of the best sales people around. Global Resorts Network (GRN) does not want you to get sucked into a product that has no value and only makes the company money and not the affiliates. You need to find a solid company that has been around for at least fifteen plus years and has shown that they are here for the long haul. Next, you need to look at the compensation plan and see how long it will take you to get a good stable income. If a company is claiming that you could be a millionaire in 5 days, then Global Resorts Network (GRN) would probably suggest that you stay away from that type of network marketing. Now on the other hand, if they say it is going to take years and years on hard work just to sound like it is a legit company, then you need to stay away from that as well. Real network marketing takes hard work and is not a get rich quick scheme, although some people have made a lot of money very fast. Network marketing works faster for some than others. The only reason for this is work ethic. If you need a boss to sit over you and tell you what to do every hour of every day, then network marketing is not for you, and neither is any kind of self employment.

There are all sorts of ways to get creative and make income from all different types of sources. Global Resorts Network is a leader in the network marketing industry and is partnered with a twenty one year old company that has a 21 year track record of providing impeccable customer service, coupled with one of the best compensation plans ever developed.

When you get a product that beats everything out in the travel industry right now and actually saves people money with the possibility of making money as well, is something to talk about. Travel today is all about going to the best places on earth for the cheapest prices. Hence the big companies out there that offer all these travel discounts and savings. There is only one problem with these big brand name companies, there advertising cost so much that there savings are not that great. By the time they get there TV commercials paid for and there employee overhead paid for, it only leaves the consumer with maybe a couple hundred dollars in savings on a trip. That is just not acceptable in Global Resorts Network’s (GRN) mind.

Global Resorts Network is changing the way people travel all over the world.  Brent Conrad with has teamed up with Global Resorts Network (GRN) to provide the most enticing Lifetime vacation package ever!

Brent Conrad talks with everyone from, frequent travelers to the busy family that can only get away for vacation every couple of years. He states that saving people thousands of dollars that can be used elsewhere in life is priceless. has given the average family a chance to vacation to the most exotic locations all over the world at a fraction of what it would normally cost to own a timeshare. Selecting from more than 5,000 different locations worldwide and over 200,000 available weeks makes the availability factor non-existent. Timeshares will be a thing of the past in the near future. Timeshares have a huge upfront cost that comes with mortgage payments if you can not afford to pay all of the initial cost upfront. They have annual dues whether you use the one lousy week of vacation or not! If you would like to stay somewhere else, you have to exchange your week for somebody else’s, GOOD LUCK! And if you want to sell your timeshare, Brent Conrad with Global Resorts Network (GRN) and  will tell you, it will be more fact than fiction that the most you will get for your timeshare is 15-20 cents on the dollar. There are so many negatives associated with a timeshare that no wonder most timeshare owners are disappointed. It truly is one of the worst investments an individual can make. is taking a new approach on Travel. They believe in being able to pay a low one time, Lifetime membership fee that has No annual fees, No monthly Fees, No exchange fees, and No other fees ever! is giving you a choice from over 5,000 different Resorts worldwide to choose from. These are NOT Motels either. They are four and five Star Resorts that are very well known. The rooms are spacious and have kitchens and balconies with views! The best part is, the most a client will ever pay is $698 for 8 days and 7 nights with No Black out dates or restricted weeks. The value on that is so apparent that receives calls and e-mails from all over the globe on a constant basis.

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Global Resorts Network (GRN) likes to think of themselves as more than a successful company that has been in business for 21 years. They genuinely want to make a difference in people’s lives.  Brent Conrad with could not agree more and is in full force to help as many people as possible.

Brent Conrad states, my girlfriend and I initially joined up and bought a membership so that we could go to cabo san lucas for $598.00 for eight days and seven nights! After we saw the value and saved over $1,500 on our first trip we were ecstatic to say the least. It was so easy to talk with people about the membership and how much they could save and all the exotic places all over the globe they could visit, that we started letting other people in on the Private Lifetime Membership secret that we knew about. Brent Conrad with and the help of Global Resorts Network (GRN),  soon started receiving checks in the mail for amounts that it would take a normal corporate job 3-4 months to make.

What is your dream job? How often would you like to travel? Do you really feel like wearing a suit for the rest of your life? Would you like to spend ore time with your family?  These are some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself when it comes to making a decision about joining the team of Success. Some members have reported receiving checks over $80,000! Can you imagine making more in one month that 95% of the average American family makes in a whole year?  We can, states Brent Conrad with .  With this opportunity you can really work as little or much as you want to. The desired success is completely up to you, not some big headed boss in his $99 dollar corporate bought chair in a corner office. And guess what, you decide how long to work. You can not get fired because you are your own boss. The freedom of this business is unbelievable. Brent Conrad States that he has never seen so many people make so much money so fast. He contributes this to Global Resorts Network (GRN) founders Al Morales and Chuck Tomlinson that are always in the mix and are on almost all of the daily conference calls. They do not just sit back and relax and collect a check. They care about this company and want it to be here for your kids kids. 

Brent Conrad states, I want to be a millionaire by 2009 and I can almost reach out and grab it. He believes that everyone should right down their goals. There should never be a limit on high you can dream. If you want to know more about getting involved in this opportunity, please visit

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